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EvoHeat Heat Pump

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You can enjoy your pool anytime and in any Australian Season by installing EvoHeat Heat Pump. It’s more than 60% energy-efficient than the rest pool heating pumps available in the market. At Pool Busters, we provide the ultimate swimming experience that would save you the same of a Hawaii Island tour.

    Product Description

    EvoHeat Heat Pump comes in all inclusive spa heaters, pool pumps, heater and cooling system that will fit for any commercial and residential spaces.


    • It comes in all size that can be easily installed to any space, small or large.
    • Enjoy a noise-free swimming or bathing experience
    • Up to 600% energy-efficient that slash huge level of carbon emission and save you burn a hole in your pocket. Unmatched comfort
    • Highly durable
    • It’s complete safe for children and it won’t create any flues
    • Stainless steel chassis has given it a modern texture
    • It has R410a and high spec compressor to double the speed and efficiency without costing hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.
    • Advance refrigeration control unit that offers real-time monitoring and temperature adjustment automated option.
    • Fully customized defrost system for cooler months.


    If you’re looking for a reliable and highly energy-efficient pool pump solution for your commercial space or for your home, we can help you choose the best. To know more about our product range, please feel free to contact at- 0431 204 928.


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