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Clean Up Green Pool Water

Have you stepped out to find that your clean pool has turned to be green? Thankfully, we understand how inconvenient it is to have a dirty pool and our experts are fully capable of cleaning up green pool water. Being one of the best pool care companies in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, Pool Busters aims to give you superior pool care so that you can make beautiful, lifelong memories with your loved ones. We understand that your hectic lives don’t always give you the chance to take care of the pool. As the industry leader, it is our primary aim to provide our clients with quality pool and spa care to maintain a sparkling and healthy pool.

Green Pool Cleanup

Ever wondered why the pool water turns greenish at all? It happens when algae and other toxins get accumulated in the pool, eventually depositing a layer of green contaminants green. What is even more concerning is that the problem is not addressed Algae keeps growing due to lack of chlorine. No matter what problems strike, we are ready to recover your pool by providing appropriate chemicals required. Here are certain situations which aggravate the growth of algae– Defective Equipment: check if your pump is actively working or not. Otherwise, the water won’t be filtered and proper amount of chemicals won’t be dispensed. Stagnant Pool: A motionless pool is another cause. Ideally, your pool should run 8-10 hours per day to keep the water pure by evenly distributing chemicals Summers: During summers, water tends to heat more and heat enables algae to multiply, which requires more chlorine to recompense Worry not when we are here to take care of the green waters. Depending on the severity of your green pool, we will run tests and apply chemicals to get you back in swimming mode within a matter of days. Our pool maintenance specialists are experienced to ensure that correct techniques are applied to maintain a high quality of water in the pool.