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Pool service

Pool maintenance is the thing that most homeowners have in common. At Pool Busters, we offer one-off and regular pool servicing. Whether commercial pool or residential, we are all set to handle all sorts of pool issues. Our wide collection of pool equipment is at your disposal to repair, replace and restore spa and pool. We understand that you enjoy nothing else than diving into a warm clean pool after a hectic day. Our professional pool experts look at everything that prevents you from taking the pleasure. Whether your pool has got green thick layers, leaves have covered it up or the equipment has stopped working, we can resolve any issues on time at very affordable rate. Our pool service includes:
  • Green pool clean-ups
  • Plumbing fault inspection and repair
  • Old pool equipment repair, supply and installation
  • Heating equipment servicing
  • New pool equipment supply and installation
  • Routine maintenance
As a reliable and highly experienced pool maintenance team, we always strive to offer the best service possible. And we also make our clients aware of pool care. If you want us to take care of your pool, please feel free to call us at- 0431 204 928.