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Buy Evo-Heat pump and Make a Smart Choice this Winter
  • 4Aug2017
What could be more pleasing than splashing in clean warm pool with your family? But as the winter hits, the bigger challenge rolls in your way. You need a cost-efficient pool heater to keep the water clean and warm throughout the season. While a heat-pump can help you but finding a reliable and quality pump is a challenge. But it can be easier if you buy an Evo-Heat pump. Know Evo-heat in a nutshell: Evoheat pump is a leading pool heating brand satisfying many pool owners in Brisbane, north Brisbane and Carseldine with its energy-efficient and durable mechanism. It’s a kind of pump that is built for all types of Australian weather. The wide range of Evo-Heat pump is designed to fit into commercial and residential areas at any budget. With-state-of-the art technology, Evo-Heat pump has crafted a new dimension in the world of water heating process. Due to unpredictable weather, Australians demand for different forms of heating technology, and Evo-Heat has it all.  Each of this system has potential in slashing running electric cost, reducing carbon emission and highly energy-efficient. Features that outperform the local heat pump                            If you’re wondering to check out other pumps than Evo-Heat pump this winter, below features may change your decision. Take a look-
  • Great Reduction in Energy Consumption: With the technology of lower carbon emission, it’s up to 600% energy saving power. so if you install this it can save you thousands in coming years
  • Electronic expansion technology: It can deliver 10-15% robust performance with its electronic expansion valve technology to keep the pool warm even in freezing weather.
  • Prompt servicing: Equipment engineers of Evo-Heat pump will arrive promptly for lowest-cost servicing.
  • Automatic reverse cycle defrost: It has Thermotec element for automatic reverse cycle that reduces 50% less defrost downtime.
  • No noise: The best part is you enjoy swim with no disturbing noise.
Buy Evo-Heat pump and experience the difference in your pool water temperature. It’s your pool’s reliable energy-efficient partner. This winter make a smart choice with us.  To know more contact- Call us : 0431 204 928