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Why should you install a variable speed pump in your swimming pool?
  • 21Sep2017
A swimming pool is the ultimate luxury concept for a home or a commercial residential space. Swimming pool commissioning, repairs and maintenance requires the intervention of expert pool servicing companies to constantly maintain the standard of the pool. They are also very prompt in terms of sending a technician to inspect your pool when you detect a fault with any of the automated systems associated with the pool. If you are a pool owner and have read the first paragraph carefully; you would ask us a simple question – what are the most important pool automation parts? Although, it is not possible for us to discuss about all the vital pool machineries, we would try to highlight the importance of Speed Pumps more popularly known as Variable Speed Pumps. A variable speed motor is capable of moving he pool water in more than one constant speed. If you are planning to install a speed pump in your swimming pool, then you should pick a robust model which would be long lasting, powerful and maintenance free. Why replace a typical oversized pool pump with a portable variable speed pump:
  • It saves a lot of space
  • It saves upto 50 percent in terms of electricity consumption
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to maintain and repair
Pool Busters is a 360 swimming pool service provider offering immaculate pool equipment spares, installation, repair and replacement services. If you are a proud pool owner in Brisbane, then you can contact them to help you pick the right speed pump. Do not be influenced by the marketing gimmicks of profit hungry pool maintenance companies. Choose the best products which meet your budget and purpose. The cost of purchase and installation of a variable speed pump varies within $1200 to $1800. You should never forget to ask for a better bargain in the form of a discount or reduction.